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This season wouldn’t be complete without a handful of Christmas parties to attend.
But before fretting about what gown to wear, consider this season’s awakening to the perfect holiday color of green.

The runways have given their blessing for this glossy color that will undoubtedly be fitting for the close of this year’s parties:

Monique Lhuillier

Oscar de la Renta

Elie Saab

Of course we will not leave you hanging without anywhere to shop for your own green gown.
Haute Generation has some jewels for you to take home!

Fashionably yours,
Val Haute


With the prospects of Winter Formal in the making, the priceless question remains:
What are you going to wear?

One of the most classy pieces on the runways in formal fashion, is the unlikely color of black.

Oscar de la Renta



Jason Wu

Carlos Miele

Haute Generation has its own quixotic collection to suit your fancy:

Try this dark hue for a night of magic~

Fashionably yours,
Val Haute

The fun loving textured fabric of taffeta has found its way back into our flouncy flirty dresses!

Designers at this Spring’s 2011 Ready to Wear collections have taken their own twirl with this fun:

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Monique Lhuillier

For a more dramatic look:

Oscar de la Renta


With these designs in mind, Haute Generation has your perfect taffeta party dress.


As sweet as taffy!

Fashionably yours,
Val Haute

Once upon the runways of New York Fashion Week, there was a delightful and talented designer who is a veteran to the elite fashion world and has triumphed through the changing tides of fashion.

His name is Oscar de la Renta.
And this past week, he brought one of the most fantastic collections to the Spring 2011 Collections that were being presented all over New York.

These gowns with a bouffant to it look like something a Disney princess would don to a ball.

If there was ever a black gown I’d love to wear, it would be this Oscar de la Renta number.

Now onto some of his more colorful masterpieces…

This jungle-green color is going to be big this Spring.

Regardless of what event you’re going to, you can find your inspiration through these fantasy-like gowns by Oscar de la Renta.

Don’t these gowns take you back into a world of make-believe?
They’re truly magical!

Fashionably yours,
Jessica Lee


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