The Petite type: cute compact and lean body.

Petite body types are smaller and often naturally toned. Sometimes having broad shoulders and short legs. You’re compact and small and for you it is all about creating length and curves and, of course, keeping it all in proportion.

The best length in gowns for this body type is mini’s to elongate the legs or a little under the knee, followed by a high platform heel. The trick to this is wearing one solid color, this creates proportion, lengthen the figure and gives you a great silhouette.

Going casual: Choose tops that are shorter in length, also cropped jackets that don’t fall below the hips. Items that are detailed just under the bust all give you a sense of proportion to your body. This means a perfectly balanced frame. When it comes to pants, the slimmer the leg the more lean and long your frame will look. Embrace skinny leg denim as the base of your outfit and your figure will benefit.

It’s great to be petite because you can pull off all those strappy, rique cuts in tops, dresses and skirts that we are all dying to try, with out loooking over the top, because it falls proportion to your little body.