The hourglass shaped body, you possess a well-defined waistline/mid section with full hips, shapely legs, generous bust and bottom to contrast a smaller waist. This figure is stated by EVERY magazine as being one of the most ideal body types for women! So make sure you choose proper clothes that accentuate your feminine curves instead of hiding them.

Follow these tips to embracing your curves:

Going Casual: Emphasize your tiny waist line by wearing tops that are lighter shades and darker items for the bottom. To accentuate your assets, choose semi-fitted blouses that sit just at your waist. High Waisted Skirts are a plus, gives you that S shape.

Baggy, large clothes will only make you look sloppy and visually make you larger

Belt it! Kim Kardashians stylist belts Kim with everything. The belt in the middle separates the top and bottom curves, making you more volumpuous. thick belt or thin belt is a great accessorie for any dress, gown, or top.

Dresses and Gowns: As the hourglass body shape is already proportional, you can show off your curvy lines in dresses and skirts with flared hems.