Today I walked the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and it’s the first week of Spring break for many high schools, and of course, there were sooooo many highschoolers, so I had to talk to some and see what the low down is for prom. I spoke to 3 boys from different high schools and got the dish on what their take on girls is and prom:

1st guy: Bobby Larios from Pacific Palisades High School

2nd guy: Adrian Adams from Culver City High School

3rd guy: Oscar Dawson from Beverly Hills High School

Q: How do you plan on asking your girls to be your prom dates? (Let’s get you girls ready on what to expect!)

Bobby: “I’m planning on filling my prom-date’s locker with a bunch of hand written invitations asking her to be my date and then I’m giving her the honor of being my prom date!”

Adrian: “I’m going to decorate her front and back windshield with the question, ‘Be my prom date?'”

Oscar: “During the morning announcements, I will ask her while the whole school is listening.”

Q: What style trend do you see alot of girls wearing at school?

Bobby: “Leggings, uggs, v-necks, and a guys sweaters…. I keep losing all of my sweaters to girls! I wish girls would learn to return stuff!”

Adrian: “Ripped demin shorts and converse with rock band shirts, every one thinks they’re Kristen Stewart.”

Oscar: “Leggings and tight shirts with boots.”

Q: What are you going to wear to prom?

Bobby: “A Black Slim fitted suit, with a white button down shirt, Gucci shades, no bow tie, maybe a little unbuttoned so they can see the pecks and some Zara shoes, now we have a situation”

Adrian: “All black tux, with a black bow tie, a nice black watch and a black pair of Ray Bans.”

Oscar: “A ‘Johnny Knoxville suit,’ where everything is a couple inches short and white gym socks and vans!”

Sunglasses at night! I don't get it lol

Fitted Tux at


Q: What are you guys doing to get ready for prom?

Bobby: “Working out the abs and keeping my finger nails clean.”

Adrian: “Stocking up on Dentyne ice gum and I’m growing out my hair to get a fresh new hair style.”

Oscar: “Watching music vidoes for moves and studying what the ladies like.”

These’s guys cracked me up! I don’t know what it is, but every guy wants to wear shades at prom, and being boys they all gravitate towards the dark colors. So girls, it wont be to hard to find a dress that will match your date and get ready for being popped the question, cause these boys will catch you off guard when you least expect it ! lol..