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The Petite type: cute compact and lean body.

Petite body types are smaller and often naturally toned. Sometimes having broad shoulders and short legs. You’re compact and small and for you it is all about creating length and curves and, of course, keeping it all in proportion.

The best length in gowns for this body type is mini’s to elongate the legs or a little under the knee, followed by a high platform heel. The trick to this is wearing one solid color, this creates proportion, lengthen the figure and gives you a great silhouette.

Going casual: Choose tops that are shorter in length, also cropped jackets that don’t fall below the hips. Items that are detailed just under the bust all give you a sense of proportion to your body. This means a perfectly balanced frame. When it comes to pants, the slimmer the leg the more lean and long your frame will look. Embrace skinny leg denim as the base of your outfit and your figure will benefit.

It’s great to be petite because you can pull off all those strappy, rique cuts in tops, dresses and skirts that we are all dying to try, with out loooking over the top, because it falls proportion to your little body.


The hourglass shaped body, you possess a well-defined waistline/mid section with full hips, shapely legs, generous bust and bottom to contrast a smaller waist. This figure is stated by EVERY magazine as being one of the most ideal body types for women! So make sure you choose proper clothes that accentuate your feminine curves instead of hiding them.

Follow these tips to embracing your curves:

Going Casual: Emphasize your tiny waist line by wearing tops that are lighter shades and darker items for the bottom. To accentuate your assets, choose semi-fitted blouses that sit just at your waist. High Waisted Skirts are a plus, gives you that S shape.

Baggy, large clothes will only make you look sloppy and visually make you larger

Belt it! Kim Kardashians stylist belts Kim with everything. The belt in the middle separates the top and bottom curves, making you more volumpuous. thick belt or thin belt is a great accessorie for any dress, gown, or top.

Dresses and Gowns: As the hourglass body shape is already proportional, you can show off your curvy lines in dresses and skirts with flared hems.

To my ladies who have been blessed with amazing assets. I know you want to be spoken to in the eyes and would also like to excentuate other features of your body. Here’s how:

Must haves: supportive underwire bra with molded cups to shape and smooth.

Avoid high necklines, which can make large busts appear matronly.

Try our bold, loud colors, patterns; do this only waist below. You don’t want to attract more attention uptop.

Strapless is a plus, covers the girls and shows off the waist curves.

Jessica Simpson Style Tip: “Look for tops that are tight at the waist and loose around the chest area. This style is a great way to minimize the waist and create the illusion of a smaller bust. The wrap-top/dress is another great option – it minimizes the bust region, plus, you can adjust the tie to cinch the waist comfortably.”

“Halter styles are sexy and classy. They dont reveal too much skin, so they leave something to the imagination.” – Jennifer Hudson

Also, try to avoid crew-neck T-shirts, they make your chests look bigger. Go for the V-neck cuts.

A styling tip I can also offer for my busty gals is : 

“Show Stoppers, they stop the peep show” You know how when you wear button downed shirts and the gap inbetween opens, well this company offers a great tool (durable double sided strips) to stop the peep show. Ha no more showing of the goods. 

Here are a few gowns that flatter this certain body shape:




Hello my fashionistas!  The next few days I will be addressing body types and what gowns flatter the body. These examples will help you identify with your shape. So next week when I go into depth about shapes you will know which one to take pointers from.

* Busty

Busty: A.K.A Top heavy

* Hourglass

Curves- Top and Bottom; little in the middle

* Petite

Petite - All around


Plus size

* Slender 

Slender - Boyish, lean body


Smaller up top, curves downstairs

It’s crunch time and prom is right around the corner… Time to shift into gear, so hopefully this helps!

Smokey eyes: Been there… been doing that!

Spring/Summer: All about colors… Being daring, vibrant, and glowing.

This prom, if you have an amazing colorful gown with pinks and gold embelishments, or a bright purple mini, your gonna want make-up that compliments that! We all have been doing the smokey look, and we’re over it. Time to change it up and go GLOWING with colors.


This make-up is perfect for any color dress, it’s a great “summer nights” look. Bronzed cheeks, with a lil blush, heavily lined eyes chaneling Bridget Bardot and nude lips.

Just follow these steps and I’ll help you look sun kissed in no time…

*After applying your all over foundation, on high points of your face; brow bone, cheek bone, nose.. dust on some     highlighting compact powder. This gives the illusion that your glowing. Sephora has a great highlighting compact for only $15.


* Blushing cheeks. Smile and on the apples of your cheeks apply with a big brush some blush with shimmer, E.L.F cosmetics has a great one that comes with contouring bronzer. $3

* BIG EYES. This is the fun part… Fake lashes!!! This will give your eyes the bigg full lash effect… Making the glowy make-up more “summer night”. You can pick up some of these bad boys at your local drug stores.

*Gold shadow, apply some shimmering gold eyeshadow on your lids, and on the corners take a warm brown shadow and darken the corners to give it the radiant contrast look. E.l.f has a set for $12 of  light to dark shades to get your glow on.

*Heavy liner. Think cat eyes, start with a thin line and heavy it on towards the center of your eye creating that Bridget Bardot kitten look. Make sure with your normal eyeliner to line the inside of your eyes. The eye liner that works best for this look is L’Oreal’s HiP studio secrets, color rich cream crayon. $10 at your local drug store.

* LIPS, The color Nicole is wearing is by NARS; orgasm. It’s suttle, pink meets nude… This brings the entire glowy make-up look together.. and this line NARS is great beacuse it will last you the entire night, with out having to always re-apply.

Vio-La… Glowing make up in a few steps 🙂 Atleast now if you have your dress or are still looking, this look is perfect for any COLOR gown!!!

You don’t need a tiara to be a QUEEN! That’s so old school…Tiara’s are huge, heavy and they mess up your hair-do. Plus you have to win prom queen to wear one! Nicole Richie re-invented the hippie/tiara headband. Having a rhinestone headband is the perfect touch to a flowy grecian gown, really any cut of a gown…

This look is amazing with long locks of curls, an effortless glam! Hippie meets princess…

Forever21 has these great headbands at under $10!!!



Stand out this prom! Not only is this a cheap buy, but you will be able to re-use it after the big night…

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