Who said singing in the shower is over rated?! Better yet, posing in mirror…. A girl’s gotta practice right?

Here are some tips you pretty ladies can practice in the mirror for your perfect prom poses:

1. Stand up straight when you pose! Good posture makes you look slimmer in pics.

2. Hands on your hips. It makes your arms look slimmer instead of having your arms resting against your body.

3. Arch your back. When a camera catches you from the side or behind, arch your back before posing. This gives you great poise when you aren’t facing the camera straight on.

4. Cross one leg over the other. This elongates the legs and gives you a ‘S’ curve.

5. Tuck your chin in when you do the “look over your shoulder” pose. This gives you a sexy Angelina Jolie edge.

6. Smirk and Smeyes – Dont show to much teeth and like Tyra says “Smeyes – Smile with your eyes”

Hands on waist and Crossed legs.

Smirk and Crossed legs

ha.. No words needed

Head straight facing the camera

Girls! No more cheesy typical prom poses!!!! That’s so 90’s & 2000’s is all about striking that pose and being fierce. Like Tyra says “SMEYES.”