Megan Fox – we all love to hate her, but she has such a red carpet presence! If she was around in 2004 when I had my prom, I would have totally taken notes from her on style tips for dresses… She seems to choose the right dress every time!

If you can’t beat them.. join them! lol

Great color!
Amazing mini with Print – Prints are hard to choose!
Classy yet sexy
Grecian goddess
Sex Kitten

Megan manages to capture a different look every time. With the right colors, print, cut of dress you too can have your prom – red carpet moment.

Here are some of my picks that are Megan Fox inspired:

Classy & Sexy

Sex Kitten

Click on the pics to see where you can buy the dress!

Pop of color - In a Megan Fox way

Grecian with a touch of gold

I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of Megan, but that girl can work the red carpet!!! So I gave you the links to the dresses now your turn to buy them and homework, practice in the mirror your posing!