So I was checking my emails this morning and I got this Fabulous one from Neiman Marcus with a promo: If you buy a prom dress you get a free beaded clutch! Check it out:

I looked on line, gorgeous gowns! a little pricy but here are some of my fav dresses:

Beaded-Waist Gown $420

 Empire Waist lines are Amazing! Especially on a long gown.

Sequined V-Back Dress $595

Sequince, gives you that head turning attention you want…

Rose Dupioni Gown

RED, dont be afraid of color, this season welcomes colors.

Ofcourse, being the fashionista that I am… I did my research and I had to find the deals. Before I spend, I always like to make sure I am getting my moneys worth and seeing if there is something out there similar and cheaper, but still great quality! I came across this site and your not gonna believe it! I found dresses similar to Niemans, but cheaper…. they have great assortments! Now you be the judge and see for yourself.

BG Haute $330

Same as the above empire beaded waist line gown.

Scala $199

Fun Sequince!

Faviana $230

Similar idea to the red gown up top, however I like this one better, not only the price, but also cause of the sweet heart neckline and the belted waist.

I’m not saying don’t buy the $600 dress, simply if you can save a lil spend the rest on shoes or accessories. Give yourself a budget, its either for the dress or the dress, shoes and accessories. So spend smart!! Nieman’s you get the dress and a free clutch at you can buy the dress and some extra ensemble goodies!!! Be wise guys, you have a whole night to plan for… Just some food for thought 🙂