CHANEL! Need i say more! Chanel is so Timeless, I swear a grandmother can be rocking the classic Chanel flap bag and look so posh or the same bag can be worn but a 17 year old with leggings and a oversized cardigan and still look POSH! But can we afford it….Geez in stores they are atleast 3-5 thousand… Now I know we all want one, esp cuz it looks so good when you dress it casual and even better dressed up, but you know, you dont have to spend that money. Here’s my rule, NEVER EVER go to the designer boutiques to buy them, do your research, go online check out, or go to consignment shops! (make sure they are authentic) You will end up spending half the org price, p.s. my fav go to vintage place is, this lady has everything!!! she will sell you her chanel bags at half price! or hey maybe tell your mom or grandma to buy one and tell them its timeless and they can pass it down to generations and it will always be instlye but make sure you say to pass it down in the NEAR future… REAL NEAR FUTURE! Or you can always get the Chanel inspired look… which i am all about! Check out these links: these are my fav Chanel inspired bags:[]=tags&includes[]=title