Hello Kupcakes!

This is my official debut on the blogosphere…and I must admit I’m syked to be here!

I am a celebrity Stylist and I would like to dedicate this site entirely to giving you the daily insight in fashion, catered to my young peeps. I’m 23 years fabulous and been in the Fashion Industry, officially, for 2 years (but off the record since I came out of the womb!) I’m young and want to conquer the fashion world one kupcake at a time lol 😉

I started in retail and SWORE I was a personal shopper my first day on the job and from there moved on up to Celebs 🙂 My main focus is “Young Hollywood” hence the blog and why I’m spreading my light… I have worked with the likes of Elijah Wood, Portia Doubleday, Jayde Nicole, Amy Poehler, Karina Smirnoff, Francia Raisa, Tania Gunadi, and Crystal Audigier. And because it is a tough economy and a girls gotta get her hustle on sometimes, I have done the occasional Beverly Hills princess or two or three or more…

Malin Akerman 'Couples Retreat'

Jayde Nicole and Stephanie Pratt 'The Hills'

Francia Raisa 'Secret Life of an American Teenager'

Karina Smirnoff 'Dancing with the Stars'

I realize that I love working with my Disney and Nickelodeon clients sometimes just a little more… It’s easy to be mature and follow what is your style and stick to it, but when you’re young, you possess a zest for life where it’s fun to try new things: edgy looks, haircuts, lipsticks, daring colors/clothing…etc.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a “Red Carpet Moment,” I’ve been having mine since Junior High, and it all started at my first formal dance ahhhh (deep sigh and reflective moment)….and I have been having them ever since!

So I’m here to make sure you all bring out your inner celeb, serving you the best dress picks for all your school events and even dates! I’ll share the latest Hottest Trends, Top 10 must haves for the season, celeb gossip and of course BOYS! Im covering it all!!!

I’m constantly over flowing with ideas, looks, trends and I need people to try them and trust me to help you look like a million dollars. So, please enjoy my entries and hopefully you can carry a lil piece of them into your daily life. Natalie is in the house! Kouture served daily!

-Natalie Yuri