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Is it the color pink? or is it still about last seasons “it” color, Jade by Chanel, which hit every runway the Fall ’09 Fashion Week. . . .

Nope and No! This season isn’t about a must have color or the cliche Spring/Summer tones for nails. I’m not talking about glittering nails or typical flower on nails…. I’m talking about getting MINX-ed! All the celebs are doing it!!! I had the chance to go to a event at the store Live! on Sunset, hosted by Minx and I got MINX-ed…

Amaz! ha I got different color Cheetah prints on my nails and a random gold one 🙂

“Minx is for those who love to stand out from the crowd,”  says Master Minx Janice Jordan. That’s why all the celebs from Katy Perry, Beyonce, Fergie, Rhianna to Scarlett Johansson and so on get them done! They personalize graphics and designs, they have Sparkly metallics, they can even create exact pattern and colors of your dress gown (Great for your prom dress). Check out some celeb ideas…

Katy Perry's TwitPic

Lady Gaga's TwitPic


Blake Lively

I found some inside pics from a Vouge Magazine spread of Minx doing a “Tribute to Alexander McQueen”… It shows the Minx book of designs and it’s very cool because they’re just stickers.

This year all around style is about being daring and standing out… down to the nails!!!


Who said singing in the shower is over rated?! Better yet, posing in mirror…. A girl’s gotta practice right?

Here are some tips you pretty ladies can practice in the mirror for your perfect prom poses:

1. Stand up straight when you pose! Good posture makes you look slimmer in pics.

2. Hands on your hips. It makes your arms look slimmer instead of having your arms resting against your body.

3. Arch your back. When a camera catches you from the side or behind, arch your back before posing. This gives you great poise when you aren’t facing the camera straight on.

4. Cross one leg over the other. This elongates the legs and gives you a ‘S’ curve.

5. Tuck your chin in when you do the “look over your shoulder” pose. This gives you a sexy Angelina Jolie edge.

6. Smirk and Smeyes – Dont show to much teeth and like Tyra says “Smeyes – Smile with your eyes”

Hands on waist and Crossed legs.

Smirk and Crossed legs

ha.. No words needed

Head straight facing the camera

Girls! No more cheesy typical prom poses!!!! That’s so 90’s & 2000’s is all about striking that pose and being fierce. Like Tyra says “SMEYES.”

Megan Fox – we all love to hate her, but she has such a red carpet presence! If she was around in 2004 when I had my prom, I would have totally taken notes from her on style tips for dresses… She seems to choose the right dress every time!

If you can’t beat them.. join them! lol

Great color!
Amazing mini with Print – Prints are hard to choose!
Classy yet sexy
Grecian goddess
Sex Kitten

Megan manages to capture a different look every time. With the right colors, print, cut of dress you too can have your prom – red carpet moment.

Here are some of my picks that are Megan Fox inspired:

Classy & Sexy

Sex Kitten

Click on the pics to see where you can buy the dress!

Pop of color - In a Megan Fox way

Grecian with a touch of gold

I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of Megan, but that girl can work the red carpet!!! So I gave you the links to the dresses now your turn to buy them and homework, practice in the mirror your posing!

Seems like everyone on the Oscars red capret and award shows is doing the “Veronica Lake” hair. It’s a great inspiration for a hair style that would look amazing with a gown…. it’s very “gown hair”  – if that makes sense.

Here are some celebs with the Veronica Lake hair style.

All the boys will be drooling over this look!

Here is a great tutorial I found on YouTube! I’m actually gonna try it the moment I’m done blogging. Its a short and sweet clip…

WOW! That’s all I have to say… Enjoy!


Natalie Portman
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston
Lady Gaga
Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift

Will Ferrell

WIll Ferrell – of course
Rhianna’s MTV Prom
Lindsay Lohan’s Prom B-day

Dakota Fanning
Kristen Cavallari

Selena Gomez

Check out my latest work! I styled a few of my clients for this mag – Runway Magazine.  The cover I did is with the gorgeous Crystal Audigier. I wanted to share it with you because the dress she is wearing would be so amazing for my girls in search of prom dresses. Who better than ME, the stylist, for the shoot to tell you where to get “the look.”


The dress – Find a great basic black dress, something with a deep neck line. Basic black dresses are my favorite because it’s the perfect blank canvas to dress up with accessories. You can choose a fitted black gown on the torso like Crystal’s or a gown fitted on the bust. I found a couple Basic black dresses at great prices similar to the idea of what she is wearing:

Click on any of the pics and it will take you to the site, It’s under $200 🙂

I like this dress also, because it has a little detail under the neck line. A great basic black dress just waiting to be glam’d up.


Accessories – I put Crystal in an amazing Vintage Chandelier necklace/bib. This necklace is the perfect accent for a basic black dress with a deep neck line 🙂 Your prom pictures will shine gorgeously from the bling of the necklace and the cuff bracelets.

Forever 21 Necklace


For the cuffs, feel free to stack on one or two cuffs on one hand, but if you do that make sure the other wrist stays naked.

Forever21 cuffs

Forever21 cuff


Heels – “Go high or go home” Ha!.. Im obsessed with high heels! For a look like this strappy or a slip on with peep toe –  it’s a winner. Depending on the silver or gold tones of your jewelry it’s always fun to add that silver or gold touch to shoes.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden

With these tips, you’ll look like a cover girl on the day of your prom!!! Enjoy people, and make sure to grab the mag in stands now for a closer look at “the look”:)

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